Universal Textile Technologies

Universal Textile Technologies

Universal Textile Technologies is always looking for the most effective methods to reduce our carbon footprint and replace old practices and products with more responsible options. Years of R&D went into creating the technologies found in our performance backing systems, BioCel™ and EnviroCel™. These two highly efficient backing technologies extend the life of products, reduce the amount of materials going into landfills and interact with the environment, creating less stress on the planet while using resources wisely.

To utilize renewable resources as much as possible, we replaced a large percentage of petroleum-based polymers with bio-based polyols derived from domestically grown crops. This reduces our dependence on foreign oil by decreasing the use of petroleum-based products. Indoor air quality standards can also be met by using low-VOC adhesives.

Our products offer a secondary backing that contains a high percentage of recycled content from plastic drink bottles. On average, this keeps 4 bottles out of a landfill for each yard of carpet we produce. The recycled secondary backing is flexible and prevents the scraping of doorways and baseboards during installation.

Biobased Products

• BioCel™ PFAB-3 Attached Cushion

• BioCel™ Laminate Plus

• EnviroCel™ Cushion Plus

•EnviroCel™ Laminate Plus



Universal Textile Technologies Announces Recycling Partnership with Grand Teton National Park

Universal Textile Technologies, (UTT), today announced a new initiative to include bottles collected from Grand Teton National Park into its manufacturing process. UTT converts the plastic bottles into a non-woven fleece material used to manufacture high-performance environmentally friendly backing for carpet and synthetic turf products. Now termed the PET Park Project , UTT is working in partnership with The Grand Teton National Park, Teton County Solid Waste and Recycling, CPE, Inc., and the United Soybean Board (USB). Click here to read more.


Universal Textile Technologies fulfills requirements for NSF/ANSI 140 Sustainability Assessment for Carpet, bringing clients closer to certification with their line of BioCel™ and EnviroCel™ backing systems.

Universal Textile Technologies (UTT) announces their backing systems have been verified by NSF International, an organization committed to protecting public health and the environment, as meeting the requirements and criteria that a backing supplier needs to be NSF/ANSI 140 compliant ready. Click here to learn more.


Universal Textiles Technologies Outlines LEED Certification for BioCel Polyurethane Synthetic Turf Backing

Demand has grown rapidly for building materials that fulfill the requirements of the nonprofit U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). The benchmark certification program for green building projects and buildings that carry the LEED seal of approval are a statement of environmentally conscious practices. Architects and designers can utilize synthetic turf backed with Universal Textile Technologies’ (UTT) BioCel Polyurethane backing on commercial, industrial and residential projects in obtaining up to 18 points toward LEED certification. Click here to read more.


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